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Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

November 11, 2009

Forum member "bobmeetin" wonders if Meta descriptions are supposed to be only 155 characters long.

See what other members think and share your own thoughts here:


Meta Description – Beyond 155 – Still Alive?

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 Kevin Pike said:
I think it depends on what engine you are talking about.

The "better" engines don't apply much, if any, weight to what is being added after ~155 characters. For that matter, what you say at the beginning of the 155 is more important than at the end of the 155.

Search engines with lesser algorithms, probably don't have this ability to strategically drop weight as the content is expanded, so they just cut it off at a predetermined number of characters.

... i.e. it depends on the engine.
 Jill said:
Kevin, as per the forum thread, I disagree. Please read the thread and comment there if you still have questions.