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May 23, 2007

Hi Jill,


I got the High Rankings Advisor issue about the micro-sites and it sparked
another debate that’s been roaming around the office. While we are guilty of
doing micro-sites, I think we also may be guilty of another error for SEO.

Our site has a blog which is — should it really be ?


If so, then do we need to do a 301 permanent redirect from to ?


Or a 301 permanent redirect that points to


They have me completely confused over here — any advice would help!!!!






++Jill’s Response++


Hi Alison,


No, it doesn’t make a difference where your blog is located and it should be
fine as is.


Links only pass value to the actual page they link to, not an entire site.
So if you link to from, then (that page only) will receive link value from the link.

The links you have on the page at then pass value to each
link that is on, and each of those resulting pages pass
value on to the pages they link to.  And on, and on, and on.  It makes no
difference what the URL or domain or subdomain or subfolder is. It’s all
about the linking structure.


If you do decide to move your blog for business reasons that make sense,
you’d definitely want to use a 301-permanent-redirect to do so.





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 Luis said:
Comment @ 05/24/07 at 1:04 pm What about popularity ranking? By having two domains aren’t you diluting popularity ranking? It is my understanding that having one domain gives you more “traffic rank” and therefore would guess that it is better to have the blog as Am I correct? Thanks, Luis
 Jill said:
Comment @ 05/24/07 at 1:31 pm Traffic rank? What’s that? I don’t believe there is such a thing.