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Should I add a robots follow meta tag to my pages?

My chiropractor said that I should add a "robots follow" tag on all the pages of our site in order for it to be spidered deeply by the search engines. She also said that I should put the "revisit after" tag on as well, to let the bots know how often they should stop by. What do you think?

The default for all search engine spiders is to automatically follow the links that it finds on any given page, which makes any "robots follow" tag redundant. If you *don't* want the search engine spider to follow the links, you can try the "no follow" tag, but it may or may not be obeyed by all robots.


The "revisit after" tag is not necessary, nor is it helpful. The search engine spiders work on their own timetable, and couldn't care less what your revisit tag says. I've heard that the tag was actually created for one specific search engine a long time ago, but I've never bothered to confirm it. At any rate, there's no need to clutter up your code with it as today's engines ignore it.



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