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Advisor Wrap-up 193

March 21, 2007

I’m certainly looking forward to some spring weather…I wonder if it will
ever get here?  It certainly seems spring-like with the extra sunlight in
the evening.  And even the car is pretty warm from the sun in the
afternoons. Today I even opened my sunroof for a bit when I had my Wed.
carpool duty.  But generally, it’s still feeling darn cool around here.


Hope to see you in a few weeks for our SEMNE after-work meeting in
Framingham. If you’re closer to NYC, try to catch me at the SES conference
coming there in mid-April.  I’ll be doing my usual Writing for the Search
Engines session and just generally hanging out.  I’m hoping to visit with my
daughter Corie and her boyfriend as well, which should be fun!


Catch you next week for our mini-forum version of the newsletter. - Jill