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Adjusting Domains

September 2, 2009
Hi Jill,

I've been following your advice for a long time and I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU! I have finally come to the point where I'm able to make some new changes to my website and wanted to (hopefully) get your input before I do.

I have a site where I started out selling everything – jewelry, perfume, decor, etc. I soon centered the theme to only home decor accents.

Then I bought a domain name that centered around the decor theme, but it has pretty much sat around because I never could figure out how to make the switch.

My plan is to move all the home decor products from the old site to the new one AND change the products of the old one back to selling the jewelry, perfume, wallets, etc. – that is, the "gifty" stuff.

What is the best way to make this change?

Thanks so much,


++Jill's Response++

Hi Rita,

Glad you've appreciated my advice through the years!

The best way to make the change is to 301-redirect the home decor pages of the old domain to their closest new counterpart URLs on the new domain.

You should continue to leave your "gifty" pages on the same URLs they're currently residing on within the old domain if you can. If you have to change those URLs within that website for some reason when you restructure it, you'll want to make sure to redirect those URLs to their new ones within the domain.

Hope this helps!

As an aside, we offer an SEO redesign consultation for companies in your situation to ensure that you don't do anything that will mess up your current search engine traffic, as well as to gain more, if you're interested.


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