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Adding a Content Widget

November 3, 2010

Dear Jill,

If I add to a page of my website a widget that enables my blog to show on that page, do search engines recognize the blog content delivered via this widget? Or is it better to add the content directly into the website?Photo Credit: Kurt Thomas Hunt


++Jill's Response++

Hi Mike,

It depends on how the widget works. There are many different types of widget that could add blog content to your site. In fact, a simple RSS feed could do it, if added correctly to the code. Some widgets use JavaScript or iFrames that pull the content from the blog, but don't actually add it to your website even though it appears as if it's there to a person viewing the page. Other widgets do place the content on the page, as they process everything on the server side so that the browser receives the blog content as part of the page.

One way to check if the widget you want to use is going to add the content directly to your page so that search engines will index it is to view the source code of the page within your browser. Is the blog content there or is it just some lines of code? If it's there, you should be good to go.

Here's another way to check: If you know of another web page already using the widget, view that page in Google's text cache (not their full cache) and see if the content shows up there. If it does, then the widget is search engine friendly. If not, then it's not.

Hope this helps!


Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, an SEO Consulting company in the Boston, MA area since 1995. Follow her on Twitter @JillWhalenJill Whalen

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 Hugo said:
Hey Jill! It's awful kind of you to mention my post on using text cache for SEO purposes. Especially, it was you that taught me this technique years ago!

Keep up the good work!