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What To Do with 3 Domains

August 2, 2006

I heard about your site from a marketing friend of mine and I have started
to read over a few of your past postings. I have found some great
information on 301 redirects, but nothing which exactly answers my two
questions. Can you please give me further advice on the two questions below?

- My company currently has one main site with three URLs. The URLs currently
connect to the same site and it was suggested to us by an SEO consultant to
choose one of the URLs as the domain for our main site and then just
301-redirect the other two URLs to the main site.

What are the pros and cons to this?

- If we move forward with the 301 redirects we are not sure as to how to
choose what main URL to use. One of the URLs has not really been picked up
by search engines at all, so it's not really a concern for us; however, we
are having problems deciding between the other two URLs. One has been picked
up by Google and the other has been picked up by both Yahoo and MSN. Which
do we go with as our main URL, from an SEO point of view?

Thanks in advance for your help!


++Jill's Response++

Hi Laurie,

If you're not having any problems with the current setup, then my suggestion
would be to leave well enough alone.  If you are having problems, then I
would choose to redirect to the one that makes the most sense for your
business to have as its main domain name.  If they're all equally good for
business purposes, then I would choose to redirect to the one that Google
has picked up, since most search engine traffic still comes from Google
these days.

We have an entire forum category devoted to redirects and other technical

Hope this helps!