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Pauline’s Poll of the Week

March 21, 2007

Here at High Rankings headquarters, we’re on a marketing kick to learn more
about our loyal audience. What are your wants and needs, and what do you
think of the High Rankings brand in general? In an effort to collect this
information, I’m giving my marketing director, Pauline, a little corner of
this newsletter to ask you a question each week.  We’re calling it
“Pauline’s Poll” (original, huh?).


Please welcome Pauline to the newsletter and be sure to answer her
questions, because otherwise, I’ll have to answer to her as to why we didn’t
get enough responses!


Oh, and if saving my skin isn’t enough incentive for you, we’re offering you
the chance to receive a gift:  10% off a future High Rankings seminar (above
and beyond all the other discounts for those that you may find), or a free
Copywriting Combo featuring my Nitty-gritty Guide as well as Karon
Thackston’s Copywriting Course, or a $50 Amazon gift certificate. After
every 5 polls taken, we’ll randomly pick one person who answered the polls
to receive their choice of one of the above.  (Be sure to provide a real
email address in the survey so that you can receive the thank-you gift if
you’re chosen.)


Without further ado, here’s Pauline’s Poll question for this week:


What are three words that come to mind immediately when you think of High


To save my skin and answer the question, plus have a chance to receive the
thank-you gift, please click here.


Oh yeah, and we’ll share the results with you sometime in the near future!