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Pauline's Poll: Name 3 other newsletters you subscribe to

May 16, 2007
Name 3 other newsletters you subscribe to.

Please post your answers here for a chance at a great High Rankings
thank-you gift

Gift choices are: 10% off a future High Rankings seminar (above and beyond
all the other discounts that you may find), a free Copywriting Combo
featuring my Nitty-gritty Guide and Karon Thackston's Copywriting Course, or
a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

The results to our April 18 poll are in, and I'm proud to say the answers
came out as I had hoped!

Q. Which is more important to you and other major stakeholders within your

Having a search-engine-friendly and optimized site:  28.3%
Driving more targeted traffic to the site:  73.2%

We realize this was sort of a sneaky question coming from an SEO newsletter,
but it's great to see how many are really "getting it."  (The ultimate goal
of SEO is driving targeted traffic, and an SEO'd site isn't a goal in and of