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SEO Pioneer and Visionary Jill Whalen of High Rankings Envisions 2008 Major Trends

January 7, 2008

Framingham, Mass. – January 7, 2008 - Jill Whalen, Founder of High Rankings®, a search marketing company that optimizes websites, bringing in more targeted traffic, conversions and sales, today issued predictions for 2008 for the world of search engine optimization (SEO). These trends and predictions cover three broad categories: the importance of SEO, the state of the industry and educational opportunities.


SEO Becomes Top-Of-Mind Priority in Larger Companies

In 2007 larger companies and big brands put SEO on their radar screen and realized that it can’t be done off the side of the desk. In 2008 we’ll see more companies relieve the marketing manager who has a full workload by hiring an in-house SEO expert or bringing in outside, locally-based consultants to handle this task.


SEO as an after-thought will still happen in 2008, but it will not be as prevalent as it has been in the past. More companies will hire an SEO consultant during the first phase of website design, when it is critically important. Additionally, companies will recognize the importance of doing their homework on keyword research and creating “crawler-friendly” site architectures.


SEO Market is Maturing

The “cowboy” mentality of the past still lingers in pockets of SEO, but it will gradually go away in 2008 and beyond. SEO staff will begin to offer more than just traditional SEO services, becoming all-around website experts in usability and Internet marketing.


Success measures will continue to evolve and focus on the metrics that matter. SEOs have traditionally measured success by tracking the rankings in the search engines for various keyword phrases. Emerging factors such as personalized search, geo-targeted search and multiple search engine datacenters mean that no two searches show the same results. In 2008, SEO success will be more often measured by targeted traffic and how much of it converts to business.


Greater SEO Education Opportunities Will Emerge

The “SEO mystique” will disappear in 2008 as many more opportunities will emerge for education. For SEO agencies as well as for companies taking SEO in-house, we’ll see more conferences, seminars, online training and certification programs to help them tweak their SEO skills. More in-house SEO training and local consulting available for online marketing managers that will unlock the mysteries of search engine optimization and put SEO within the reach of businesses large and small.


About High Rankings

High Rankings was founded in 1995 by Jill Whalen, a pioneer in search engine optimization. Today it has grown to be one of the pre-eminent SEO companies in the United States. Over the past 12 years, High Rankings has worked with hundreds of clients across more than 40 industries to enhance their online presence through proven and dynamic search marketing strategies that repeatedly lead to increased traffic, more conversions and enhanced sales.


For more information, visit the High Rankings website.




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