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The 2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide

January 2, 2008
[This week we read Marketing Sherpa’s 2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide, and have provided our thoughts about it for you here. Enjoy! – Jill]

The 2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide from Marketing Sherpa is out and if you are a search marketing professional, whether an in-house search marketer or an SEM agency, I would suggest getting your hands on a copy immediately. Marketing Sherpa is well respected for their benchmark guides and how-to handbooks, and this hefty report does not disappoint. It provides you with 267 pages of practical, fact-based search marketing data on what works and what doesn't in search marketing today, as well as 194 charts and tables to drive home the main points.

The guide is comprised of several major studies including the search marketing benchmark survey that was conducted during June and July of 2007 with 2,475 marketers who conduct or supervise search marketing for their own companies and 711 executives and staff members from search marketing agencies that conduct campaigns for clients. This is extremely insightful information straight from professionals like you and me. You will find out what tactics have worked for them as well as what ones haven’t and how much they have spent on search marketing and the results they have seen. You will also gain valuable insight into essential SEM industry trends that will help you in setting your overall goals and strategies for the coming year.

The guide also features:

* A special report on the challenges of bringing search in-house -- straight from 247 real-life marketers. How hard is it? What were their successes? Their failures? How they are finding good search employees?

* A new eyetracking report that consisted of multiple eyetracking studies of different types of online marketing that was conducted over the past 3 years. Here you’ll find insights into how consumers really look at Web-based content and advertising, focusing on ad relevance, position, and URL length. Includes 10 heatmaps that will help you improve your PPC bidding tactics, SEO strategies, and much more.

* Another special report that analyzes current search ranking toolbars.

* A public look at a new way of benchmarking click quality that will provide insight into click-fraud detection.

All in all, this guide gives you the most comprehensive collection of statistics, practical data, assessments, and facts that you could ever ask for.

I have already found the section on international search to be extremely helpful in providing me with a better grasp on the international search scene for one particular client.

The guide will also help you to set your PPC and SEO budgets for the coming year, forecast results on a variety of measurements more accurately, conduct the right SEM tests for your campaigns, and many other things.  You won’t find a more comprehensive resource that you can share with the rest of your team.  

The best part of this guide is the depth of the subject matter. It truly covers every aspect of search marketing from broad topics such as PPC and SEO to more focused topics such as landing page elements, ad text, keyword research, contextual advertising, and much, much more. This guide should be a mandatory read for any search marketing professional.

[Jill's Comment:  You'll find more info on the 2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide via our affiliate link here.  The cost of the guide is $297. - Jill]